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What's wrong with the Aussie music industry?

Posted: 02 May 2018, 11:17
by Kyle
Recently i've been feeling a little disenfranchised with the state of the aussie music industry and i've been craving some decent discussion on the topic! I'm pretty unaware myself on the ins and outs of the industry but just have a few thoughts in how we could potentially fix it. 

Currently i'm feeling really disenfranchised with the aussie charts as they're completely dominated by streaming artists. I think i first came aware of this when our girl's 'Dear Life' missed out on #1 despite such an effort in promotion because Drake's 'One Dance' and Calvin Harris x Rihanna's 'This is what you came for' were being massively streamed. My first thought is okay lets remove streaming from the equation and have a chart based entirely on sales and lets include radio play while we're at it. I think we should have a separate streaming chart so we can celebrate the massive feats like Despacito being #1 for 32 weeks or 3 songs from Post Malone's album being in the top #10. But we also need a chart where our homegrown talent has a chance to breakthrough. The charts currently are just so stagnant which makes me reminisce back to say 2006 where there was just so much variety.  Think Sandi Thom's 'Punk Rocker' up against TV Rock, Young Divas, Beyonce and hell even Crazy frog. It's those one hit wonder songs that become cultural phenomenons that shape the soundtrack for our lives and we're being deprived of so many of them because frankly the charts aren't changing. 

I also think a big thing in Australia is because the charts aren't changing a lot of artists are being deprived of appropriate recognition. Take Jess Mauboy's Fallin' which was in the itunes top 10 for 2 months post release and yet it only charted at #11. In a different time that would be her biggest single. Part of this could be due to the fact radio stations are failing to play the 25% quota of aussie talent they're expected to. 
Another thought I have is that I think we are in desperate need of a television platform that our artists can promote on. Currently there is the breakfast show route, or there is the Voice (which i feel is slowly on its way out). The first issue with sunrise, today show etc is that most young adults are not really watching these shows and then i don't think the older generations are racing to consume Samantha Jade's latest disco album upon hearing her perform it. With the voice, i've noticed most of the talent slots get booked by international artists. My thoughts are we need a late night tv type show, similar to Rove where artists can perform their latest singles. I remember watching Rove back in my pre-adolescent years and just feeling like it was a a bit of an event watching these artists do their thing. There was definitely a cool vibe and i'd like to bring that back. 

I listened to a great podcast recently featuring Guy Sebastian where he said we need a platform that's unbiased where ANY artist can promote their stuff and I think that lends to above. He explained that Triple J houses the indie alternative artists and if you're too pop you won't be touched, and also that if you're too indie radio won't touch you. I feel this has left us with a massive void in the middle. I'll admit, I don't necessarily vibe with the triple J stuff, but i can't stand the extremely generic sound of radio anymore so i'm caught in this void in the middle have no sort of place to consume music but do my own research. Having an edgy young adult type talk show on a mainstream platform i think would close that and allow the 'hipster' type to find their guilty pop pleasures, but also expose people like me to more of the alternative stuff. 

Another little irk i have is with the aria awards recently which i feel has completely paid pop music dust in the recent years - favouring the more triple j-favoured releases. I'm sure a lot of us on this forum can relate with that notion with Delta being snubbed a few times. 

I just wanted to get a few things off my chest and wanted to know what anyone else thought? I fear we've lost our own music market and are just mirroring that of the US because we have no proper places for promotion and wondering if anyone else has any ideas as to how we can fix the problem and perhaps bring back more variety to our charts. 

Re: What's wrong with the Aussie music industry?

Posted: 17 May 2018, 01:27
by skinny_bones4
I don't get streaming and personally think it robs artists of royalties that they may have gotten from the sale of an album or single.  Someone on here once told me artist get one sale for every 175 times a song is streamed.  If that's the case, an artist would have to get a massive plays to make anything.  The plus side is if they do get that massive streaming, they could make more money then they would on the sale of one copy, but if not, they would probably prefer having that one sale. 

I agree that the US does things is not right, and that's leaking into the other countries across the globe. 

Re: What's wrong with the Aussie music industry?

Posted: 09 Nov 2018, 22:53
by Bryer
I think Guy Sebastian has noble intentions. But such a platform literally doesn't stand a chance in the real world. It's just not how the world works.

Re: What's wrong with the Aussie music industry?

Posted: 06 Sep 2019, 05:23
by Brad
This has been on my mind a lot lately. I try to do my bit for Australian pop music but it feels pointless

Re: What's wrong with the Aussie music industry?

Posted: 21 Sep 2019, 08:00
by Kyle
Completely agree Brad and appreciate your insights. I don't think the responsibility should be on us but our record execs. Seems like they're not really caught up with the 21st century? 
I've probably screamed it until i'm blue but I feel we really just need a live music show that appeals to young adults that has everyone from pop to triple j to legacy acts. Hoping Channel 10 acquiring MTV will make this happen.